Art On The Way

9 03 2010

Life has been as full as usual. I spend quite a few hours this week taking pictures of my 3 models. I’m going to Photoshop these down to basic black outlines then silkscreen them over collage materials to create the characters. To the right you can see a picture and then how it’s been altered. I added colors behind it to give you a rough idea of how it will appear in the book, but you have to imagine the colors are colored papers and fabrics.

I’m getting ready to make some ceramic tiles, which I’m going to glaze with patterns and a landscape for when the characters go through Portugal. Portugal is known for their bright ceramic tiles which decorate both the exterior and interior of buildings.

Also in my news, the week after next I’m going to Philadelphia!  There is this cool print conference that I’m going to with my professor and some students from my college. (Go see what it’s about here: The characters pass through Philadelphia Pennsylvania, so I’m excited to see the city and take some pictures and whatnot.

Here’s a question for you: what is the coolest city you’ve ever been? Post your response in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you!




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