What do Philadelphia, Stamps and Vomiting all have in common?

29 03 2010

I spent four days this week at a printmaking conference in Philadelphia and had some travel experience of my own. Namely, getting food poisoning and spending the first night very unhappily. I did, however, get to see the city a bit, and take some pictures, and meet a few printmakers. As the characters in the book will be traveling through Philadelphia (or potentially traveling over) I was glad to have the opportunity to get a feel for the place.

As for stamps, my wonderful physics major/drama geek of a roommate also happens to be an avid stamp collector. She is lending me her doubles for the countries Spain, Italy, China and Japan for my use in the book. I’m very excited about possible ways to incorporate some of these. She’s also offered my doubles of the different state stamps she has, which I will probably take her up on, once I get to that part in the story.

The only downside to the stamps I just received from her is that many of the Spain and Italy stamps are from before the switch to the Euro, so I will not be able to use them prominently. However, the Chinese and Japanese stamps are my favorites, so I don’t mind.

This Friday my Easter break begins and this project will finally have my full, undivided attention. Prepare yourself for some exciting updates in the next 2 weeks.




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