About The Author

Megan Little is an upper-class undergrad student at a liberal arts college studying Visual Art and Writing.

She spends her days going to class, making friends laugh, creating art, writing stories and poems, and dreaming big dreams. Megan lives with her family and her cat in rural New York state.

She’s done a fair bit of traveling, having toured Eastern Europe, the UK and some of Europe. She spent the first 10ish years of her life in Morocco (a country in north Africa just below Spain), and the next 10ish years in Ontario Canada.

Here is a map of the places she’s lived (red) and been (blue), which she created using the “Where I’ve Been” Facebook application and photos of her own.

Artist Statement:

I am like a happy child with all  creation as my playground and as inspiration for my games. And I will play all sorts of games; games with words in poems and stories, games with pictures, in paintings, books, prints and more. If there is a material with which I can create, I want to try!

Games are never quite so much fun by yourself, so I write collaborative stories online, and, of course, I’ve found a collaborative way to make a picture book.

You can find some examples of Megan’s writing online at he community writing site called Protagonize, where her screen name is FogCat.

Some examples of her art can be found on flickr.

You can also follow Megan on twitter, where her screen name is FogKitten.


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