Sketch Example

Here’s a mock-up example of a two page spread in the book and how different people’s contributions made their way into it. For this example, we’re going to imagine that the characters’ path takes them through the city of Zagreb in Croatia. Photos are mine, or used by permission of their owner.

Mary Sweetheart shared a funny story in the forum about a shopkeeper insisting on dressing her up in the local costumes she was selling, probably hoping that Mary would buy something. The shopkeeper kept putting on new layers as Mary’s friends took pictures.

Marvella DaFoodman told her fun story about buying a ‘jumbo’ pizza and finding it to be absolutely huge (and yummy)!

Shiny MicKoin sent me 3 coins from Croatia.

Codac Thephotoguy took this fantastic picture of the city, and uploaded it along with a whole bunch of great shots.

And here is a very rough sketch up demonstrating how I might incorporate their photos and stories into the picture book. Remember, both art and text is only in very rough, drafty form. (click to enlarge)

Look like fun? Come share your stories, photos and more here.


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