Wet-Foot Endurance

1 03 2010

Sadly, I have very little to report on the project due to the fact that I had a break at college and went with a group of artists to NY city. We went to the MET, the Frick and the MOMA. Very cool!

I’d never been to the city before, and can now proudly say; “I’ve been to the City of Slush.” It was all slush and snow, and required some acrobatic puddle-jumping and serious wet-foot endurance.

Oh, and we made friends with some snow-people in Central Park.

On the project: well, I looked at lots of Japanese and Chinese art at the MET to get inspiration for the parts of my book where the characters travel through those places. I’m planning on doing a watercolor landscape painting for rural china and something with woodblock prints in Japan. I even started a watercolor sketch of a Japanese painting, but had to resort to my watercolor pencils when the security guard told me I wasn’t allowed to paint without a permit.  I’ve heard of parking without a permit, but painting? Thankfully, watercolor pencils are a good disguise.

I also went to New Jersey, which is one of the states the characters go through, (actually, it’s where they will be starting their journey). Sadly, visibly was poor, as the place was buried in at least 2 feet of snow. Small pleasures, though, as I got to enjoy the irony of a shop in New Jersey still advertising ice-cream during the massive ‘snow hurricane’ that passed through the area.