Check List

15 03 2010

Ceramic tiles made and now sitting between slabs of dry wall to dry (for three weeks!).  Check.

Reference pictures of characters taken. Check

Illustrations started. Check

Text started. Check.

Not nearly as far as I should be. Check.

Life way too full. Check.

So, I wish I had a better report to make to you today, but I don’t, and that’s a fact. 2 part time jobs, 3 classes, and 3 other big events/trips have made this semester the busiest one of my life. But, not to worry you, I have not given up on the book. I’ll keep giving it as much time as I can, and then, I have an Easter break that is over a week long. It is going to be the most productive break of my life. Then I’ll have about 3 weeks (where very little else is going on besides studying for exams) to fill in all the gaps and bring this whole insane project to completion.

Wish me luck!

While learning about Italy, I came across this nice little blog about an “American mama” living in a small town in Italy:

While taking some reference photos of kids for my picture book, I managed to snap this lovely picture:

Right now I’m researching Italy: got any stories to tell of travels there? I’d love to hear them!  Drop me an email or reply in a comment to this topic.