Sheep on Sardinia

23 03 2010

So, I bet you didn’t know that the main economic activity on the island of Sardinia is the raising of sheep. Yup. And I think my characters are going to meet a fantabulous elderly shepherd who will, with his flock of sheep, travel with them across the island. I also plan on teaching the kids the word ‘Centenarian’ which denotes a person over 100 years old.

Progress report: along with some research, as witnessed above, I’ve been working on the first few pages of collage and started a linoleum print that will go on the first spread.  I got a bloodied thumb for my trouble: warning, those carving tools are sharp. Oh, and if you ever find yourself doing a linoleum print, you should remember that heat makes the linoleum softer. I owe my sanity to an iron.

As for my plans: well, I’ve made myself a detailed calendar plan-of-action. Basically, between schoolwork and my trip to the printmaking conference, I’m going to have very little time to work on the project before Easter break. But over Easter break; well, that’s all I plan to do.

At the conference, I’ll definitely be taking some pictures of Philadelphia. Also, there is a demo on Japanese woodblock printing techniques, which will be super useful as I plan on doing a woodblock print for the part of the book that is in Japan.

As for a cool website find: This guy is unemployed and is giving away $10 dollars every single day to a stranger. He blogs about it here: