New Eyes for the World

15 02 2010

Having wandered her way through Spain, and foraged new friendships with co-travelers, this weary world traveler stands up to stretch her legs.

Ahh, if only virtual travel and research and the creating of this book were the only bags I have to carry right now. But I suppose most journeys are far more complicated than that. Mine includes classes with homework and tests, some relational and scheduling issues, and, well, yeah, the usual.

I’ll fess up right at the start: I’m not as far along as I had hoped. On the bright side, I keep learning more about how I should be doing the project, and I’m beginning to be convinced that a few contacts with lots of good input are better than a whole lot with very little response.

Also on the bright side (it’s a very nice big shiny side), I sent out a campus wide email to my college earlier this week and got 9 great responses! Folks who have been to some and all the states my characters travel through emailed me back, and also people with experiences in Turkey, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, and even North Korea!

I’ve also bumped into two people who live right near the 40th parallel. How cool is that? One is a friend from my college named Angela who lives Indiana, and the other is a girl I know as “Archi_Teuthis” who lives about half an hour from the 40th parallel in Utah. (You can find Archi and her writing here, on protagonize.)

Plans for this week: Research, research, research. And try and invite some more cool people to join the project. Also, I need to do some more follow-up on some of those cool people who have already joined the team.

And now, for my weekly cool finds:

A Brief Guide to World Domination – Now this is a very cool and very inspiring document. It encourages you to reject conformity and live life fully—giving to others and doing what you love.  It really inspired me to push on with this project, and it’s also deepened my thoughts about who this project is for.  You’ll probably be hearing more about this soon. Oh, and I’m also considering asking Chris (the guy who wrote the above document,) if he’d want to meet my characters. He’s trying to travel to every country in the world in the next four years.

Google Maps: aerial and road view. Alright, so this is not exactly a new discovery, but I’ve never really toured across a country before this way. I spent some time on Saturday following the 40th parallel across Spain. Enjoying artistic aerial views, and really getting a feel for the place via the road view. Try this: go to google maps, and type in “40,-1.1” in the search. Then take hold of the little orange guy that sits on top of the navigation tool on the left of the page, and plop him down on a road.

The final exciting thing to report is about the above image. tsushima, who I found on panoramio, the place that hosts all the pictures you see on google maps, has given me permission to use their pictures for my book!  tsushima is from Japan and has taken many wonderful pictures there.  That picture above was taken very near the 40th parallel in Japan. So a big thank-you to him!